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The Ray: A review

December 16, 2011 @ 01:41 By: gordon Category: Comic books

Imagine you’re a lifeguard on-duty at your beach in California, flirting with the beach bunnies and generally enjoying the sun, sand and surf. All of the sudden your zapped by some bizarre energy beam from an experiment gone wrong in the middle of the desert over 200 miles away from you. However, instead of being fried to a crisp you’re imbued with freaky superpowers that allow you to move like a beam of light, with only the small problem that because you’re now effectively a walking quartz halogen lamp that your clothes burst into flames when you put them on. (Fortunately, one of your powers is the ability to control how you reflect light so you can make it look like you’re wearing clothes even if you aren’t.)

That’s how the inaugural issue of The Ray from DC Comics starts out.