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Friday excitement

March 02, 2012 @ 12:41 By: gordon Category: Current affairs

Friday morning turned out to be quite exciting, particularly for my colleagues in one of the neighbouring buildings here in Tunney’s Pasture. In the middle of the morning, I heard emergency vehicle sirens coming into Tunney’s this morning, so I glanced out the window to see where they were going. Given the number of people and buildings in Tunney’s Pasture, it’s not particularly unusual to see firetrucks going to one of the buildings from time to time. However, a minute or two later I heard more sirens and looked out to see the hazmat response truck passing by.


Hopping on Twitter I found the following tweet…


I headed to an office on the corner of my floor and was suprised to see a whole lot of emergency vehicles in front of one of the buildings next to mine. And while I watched the hazmat response control post vehicle rolled up and set up its satellite dish.


The story started to emerge via social media that some people in the other building had been exposed to powder in a suspicious package…

We watched as the emergency responders (fire, police and paramedics) scurried about. Some of my coworkers who knew people in the other building called some of their friends and learned that they were ok but couldn’t leave their floors. Throughout the rest of the morning we periodically checked in to see what was going on.

Almost ninety minutes after the excitement started, Marc Messier (@OttawaFirePIO) tweeted this:

The emergency vehicles started packing up and now, about 2 hours after the excitement started, normality has returned to Tunney’s Pasture.

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  1. JAred says:

    Yeah, noticed that outside(work at Holland Cross). One of my coworkers said it was zombies. We didn’t take that seriously, I mean, how would he have found out?

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