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The view from my apartment

January 20, 2013 @ 21:20 By: gordon Category: Photography

IMG_0616Rob posted a couple of time lapse videos on his Facebook timeline of the snow where he lives in the UK today, so I thought I’d see what I could make with my GoPro camera. The setup was pretty straight forward: I stuck the camera to my bedroom window and pointed it at the street below.

The GoPro Hero 3 Black offers a huge number of options for recording video, but it also can act as a still camera with conventional single-frame, burst mode (up to 30 frames in a 1 second burst) and a time lapse mode. It’s the latter that I chose, choosing a 30 second interval in 7 megapixel mode.

Once I had everything set up, I hit the trigger and left it running for about an hour and a half. After it was finished, I used Microsoft Live Movie Maker to combine all of the images into a single video, which you can see after the break.


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