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Up a creek with a paddle

October 11, 2015 @ 00:10 By: gordon Category: Out and about

I started writing this on September 26th, but I set it aside because my browser was giving me grief. Apparently, I didn’t return to it until now.

I went kayaking one nice day a couple of weeks ago at Rideau Rowing and Paddling, which is at Chapman Mills. My friend Sarah is the owner and she asked if I minded if she came along. She mentioned there was a small creek a little ways downstream that might be worth exploring. So, off we went.

Paddling a few hundred metres downstream, we found the mouth the creek hidden amongst some reeds. Making our way upstream, we found a number of sheltered docks belonging to a few houses. The water must have been quite deep because there were several motor boats tied up. Heading upstream a bit further, the creek narrowed and took us under River Road and then Leitrim Road.

Continuing upstream, we picked up a few pieces of trash, took some pictures and enjoyed the paddle.

Until the Incredible Stench.

Sarah was about 20 meters upstream of me when I caught a faint whiff of something rotting combined with methane. Judging by her reaction, it was much stronger where she was. Deciding that since the creek was getting narrower, the fact that it looked like there was a tree blocking the way at the next corner, and the Incredible Stench, we beat a hasty retreat.

In all, our excursion up the creek took about 2 hours from the time we left the dock to the time we got back to it.

Hopefully, there will be one nice day to get out for a paddle, but we’re approaching the end of the season and soon she’ll put her fleet away for the winter.

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