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Great weekend

October 05, 2004 @ 00:33 By: gordon Category: Diving, General, Geocaching

I had a great weekend!

Saturday, I headed off with a dive buddy to go diving in the St. Lawrence near Prescott. The conditions were less than ideal (2′ waves and whitecaps) so I dragged her off to do some geocaching. We did three caches and I also did cache maintenance on a cache that was tranferred to me. We agreed to try again on Sunday.

Saturday evening, I saw Collateral at AMC with Ken the Banker. Great movie! Quite a bit better than I expected. Definitely worth seeing if you haven’t seen it.

Sunday, I picked up my dive buddy and we met up with another diver at the Rothesay, a wreck in the St. Lawrence near Prescott. We suited up and headed out to the wreck. About halfway through the dive, I realized I was missing a weight pouch, so we retraced our steps and eventually found it snagged in a loop of rope. Grr!

But, even though we didn’t completely circle the wreck, the dive was still a success and very enjoyable.

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