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Friday’s dive

October 10, 2004 @ 11:47 By: gordon Category: Diving

I took Friday off and went diving with my friend Bruce. He’s got a boat just downstream of Gananoque. We headed to Georgina Island, one of the islands in Thousand Islands National Park. It’s located underneath the Ivy Lea Bridge.
We tied up at the dock on the south side of the island and set up our gear. The entry was right off the dock — no scuba hiking this time. The first dive, we swam upstream towards the bridge and then drifted back in the current for a bit. I found a pair of pliars in good condition and took some pictures with my new underwater camera. (It’s a neat piece of kit — the housing is reusable while the camera inside is a disposable camera.)

The second dive we headed downstream and across the channel. Saw lots of fish on this dive, including a walleye. Also saw the usual assortment of bottles people dropped their boats, a chair (not too unusual) and a shopping cart (haven’t figured that one out yet).

Both dives were about 30 minutes. Max depth was about 60′ on the first and 50′ on the second. The water was about 60F, which is nice to dive in.

Snagged my wetsuit on something on the first dive so I’m going to have to get it fixed. Grr.

Me diving at Georgina Island

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