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Leaping eagle ray kills boater

March 22, 2008 @ 00:38 By: gordon Category: Seen on the 'net

MIAMI — An eagle ray leaped onto a boat off the Florida Keys Thursday and stabbed a woman with its barb, knocking her to the deck and killing her, a Florida wildlife investigator said.

Talk about freakish accidents. (click here for the full article)

2 Responses to “Leaping eagle ray kills boater”

  1. JB says:

    Hello everyone;
    I do not want to burst anyone’s bubble but I believe the woman’s death by the eagle ray was no freak accident. I believe those rays are very dangerous in fact, I personnally had a horrifying experince with one of them in Honduras.. Here is what happened; I was standing on a small dock looking out to the horizon at a beutiful sunset . I was mournig my mothers death on the island (Utila) All of a sudden, and for no particular reason, my eyes glanced down at the water just over the small dock where I stood. I saw this specled creature which looked like a bird in the water swiming grcefully around the dock. I tried to get back into gazing at the sunset when I realized this specled creature was actually getting ready to fly out of the water at me. As if by entuition, I ran off the small dock in a panic and very scared. I told my sisters what I had just saw and they smiled it off saying I must have called the fish and he was responding to me. I never bought that explanation and I never knew that this birdlike fish was an actual eagle ray until I saw the actual picture of the one that killed the woman in florida. I think these animals are dangerous and people should be cautious when around them. Just a thought. Please share…. Thanks

  2. Squid says:

    I think it’s a case of “when your number comes up…”

    I have always believed I would die a pointless, bizarre death like that.

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