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You know it’s Spring when…

April 14, 2008 @ 13:01 By: gordon Category: Current affairs, Weather

There are many indications that Spring has finally arrived: the arrival of the first robin, crocuses poking up through the ground and bicycling, to name a few. For people who work in Tunney’s Pasture, there’s another: the return of the Hotdog Guy.

The Hotdog Guy has been selling hotdogs at the northeast corner of Holland and Scott since I started working in Tunney’s in 2000. He, and often his wife, can be found there in almost every kind of weather from early-April until sometime in the fall, selling hotdogs and sausages. If he’s not out there selling, then chances are that the weather absolutely sucks and you shouldn’t be out in it.

Well, I ventured out at lunch today and was happily surprised to find that he’d returned and already had a long line of people waiting in the sunshine. He mentioned that this was his second day out this year, his first being last Thursday.

So, there’s another indication that Winter is finally over. šŸ™‚

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