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Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2008 @ 17:53 By: gordon Category: Current affairs, Environment

Today is the 28th Earth Day. Ok, some people would argue that every day is Earth Day, but that’s not the point.

Or is it?

One of my co-workers commented that they looked at a list of things you should do to celebrate Earth Day and commented that most of the things on the list were things you should do every day. The list included things like recycling. In 2006, 97% of Canadian households with access to a recycling program used it, so Canada’s doing pretty good there. People who live in Prince Edward Island can be proud because almost every household on the island recycles. Well done!

There’s any number of things you can change in your daily routine to be a little greener without seriously inconveniencing yourself, such as turning down the temperature at night an extra degree or two, not idling your car when waiting to pick someone up or reducing the amount of water your toilet uses by putting a water-filled bottle or brick in the tank (don’t do this if you already have a low-flow toilet!).

A lot of websites are doing things in honour of Earth Day. Google has a special logo for the day and a nifty map thingy that people can post what they’re going to do on and Gadling is giving away 5 pre-release copies of Fodor’s new Green Travel guide. Some time ago, I added a widget to my blog to help offset the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the operation of my blog.

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