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The Globetrotter’s LogBook

April 29, 2008 @ 23:32 By: gordon Category: Gadgets

A banner ad on geocaching.com caught my eye recently.  Clicking on it took me to The Globetrotter’s LogBook website.  There are actually six different logbooks to choose from:

  • Countries of the World
  • Flight Register (for when you’ve filled up the Flights section of Countries of the World)
  • Vaccination Register (for people who apparently have way too many vaccinations!)
  • Trip Notebook (for when you’ve filled up the Notes section of the Countries of the World)
  • Surprise (This is a buy-on-faith type of book, I guess.)
  • Flanders’ Six Divine Cities ("118 top sights-to-see-before-you-die, carefully selected by the Flemish Tourist Office")

Basically, they’re small hard cover notebooks, similar to Moleskine notebooks, that have pre-printed pages tailored for travellers.  The Countries of the World book has box for each of the "current 193 countries (and their 58 overseas dependencies)" with some key facts about the country and then a space for a passport/customs/immigration stamp or anything else you can stamp it with.  There are other sections in this book for the flights you’ve taken (including room for the pilot’s signature), the vaccinations you may have had, places to make more detailed notes about your trips and experiences, and other stuff.  It seems like they’re also individually numbered because you can register them online and gain access to more content.

I might just have to pick one up before my trip to Greece.

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