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Implosion of the South Side stands

July 20, 2008 @ 11:10 By: gordon Category: Current affairs, Out and about, Photography

Before1Shortly after 8am this morning, the lower section of the south side stands at Frank Clair Stadium in Lansdowne Park were demolished in a controlled implosion.  I was heading over to my apartment to meet up with the painters, so I stopped off along the way to watch the show.

I parked on Bristol Avenue, near Echo and Riverdale and joined the growing crowd on Echo.  We could hear the three-minute and one-minute warning sirens and then the countdown of the last few seconds.  After zero there was a pause and then a series of booms, kind of like someone taking slapshots at the board in a hockey rink, without any visible effect on the part of the stadium we could see.

After a few more booms the east end kind of folded up and dropped into the growing cloud of dust.

Closeup1 Closeup2

Very cool!

I posted some pictures in my gallery.

3 Responses to “Implosion of the South Side stands”

  1. Ivy says:

    I come from China. nice to meet you!
    I saw your blog occasionally .And I have to say good photo shot.

  2. Ivy says:

    I can’t see my comments,why?

  3. gordon says:

    Hi Ivy…

    The first comment someone posts goes into an holding tank as part of the stuff I do to block comment spam.

    I’m glad you like the photos! 🙂

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