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Dear PETA: You should be ashamed

August 09, 2008 @ 00:27 By: gordon Category: Current affairs

The organization known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA has come up with the following ad, which is based on the horrific murder and decapitation of a young man from Winnipeg on a Greyhound bus.


The English language does not contain enough adjectives to properly express my complete and utter disgust with this ad.  To compare the horrific murder and decapitation of the young man from Winnipeg on the Greyhound bus with what may go on in a slaughterhouse has stepped way over the line of what’s acceptable.

PETA, you should be ashamed.  You and your ad writers owe Tim McLean’s family, everyone who was on the bus, the trucker who stopped and anyone else affected by the incident an apology.

I will never, ever, donate one penny to PETA as a result and I will not knowingly ever buy anything from any company that supports PETA, and I encourage you to do the same.

Shame on you, PETA.

Read what other bloggers are saying about this and check out the story on CBC and on CNN.

3 Responses to “Dear PETA: You should be ashamed”

  1. Squid says:

    If Ingrid Newkirk and PETA had any shame, they’d fold up and disappear. I don’t believe in god, but if I did, I’d pray that Ingrid gets eaten by a wild animal. It would be cosmic justice.

  2. Squid says:

    The other problem of course, is the same one that Fred Phelps and his inbred gang of not-so-merry-men has… any publicity is good publicity. Sadly, we’re actually helping PETA by blogging about what jackasses they are.

  3. gordon says:

    Perhaps, but hopefully we’ll dissuade some people from supporting these idiots.



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