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March 04, 2011 @ 19:06 By: gordon Category: Weather

I was curious as to how close the weather is to arriving, so I checked the Franktown weather radar just now, saw this and thought “eww”. XFT radar - 20110304 1830

The aviation forecast is equally damp and depressing…

TAF CYOW 042338Z 0500/0524 06008KT P6SM BKN040 OVC060 TEMPO 0500/0502
FM050200 09005KT 3SM -SN OVC040 TEMPO 0502/0513 1SM -SN VV008
PROB40 0507/0513 6SM -FZRA -PL BR
FM051300 13005KT 2SM -RA BR OVC003
FM051700 20012KT 2SM RA BR OVC008
FM052000 20012KT 2SM RA BR OVC010

It looks like we’re in for a wet weekend, but it should help wash the snow away. There might be a bit of freezing rain and pellets, which sounds suspiciously like sleet, but if it happens it should be done by the time I’ll be thinking about venturing out into the Big Wide World on Saturday. (If you’re one of a morning freak an early riser, take care on the roads.)

4 Responses to “Eww”

  1. dJCL says:

    Ski Patrol here, we don’t actually get to say no to skiing, and have to get up early, so yeah, this will suck.

    • gordon says:

      On the upside, I’m guessing that a lot of the green on the radar that’s north of the river is going to be snow. Hopefully it doesn’t turn to ice overnight.

  2. David says:

    Still raining … joy.

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