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Brace yourselves because this is going to suck

March 09, 2011 @ 15:33 By: gordon Category: Weather

I just looked at the Franktown weather radar and cringed when I saw all the colours. Judging by the aviation forecast, the next 24 hours are going to suck. (I apologize for using a highly technical meteorological term, but one must be precise about these things.)

TAF CYOW 091738Z 0918/1018 09015KT P6SM OVC100
FM092100 09015KT P6SM OVC080 TEMPO 0921/0923 11/2SM -SN VV012
FM092300 09015KT 3/4SM -SN VV007 TEMPO 0923/1004 11/2SM -SN VV012
FM100400 09015KT 1/2SM SN VV005 TEMPO 1004/1015 1SM -SN VV010
FM101500 09015KT 4SM -RA BR OVC010

Continuous snow starting anytime after 4pm Ottawa time and carrying on until 10am tomorrow morning when it’s supposed to switch to rain. I can hardly wait.

The City of Ottawa sent out an email this morning advising of an overnight parking restriction from 01:00 to 07:00 because more than 7 cm of snow are forecast to fall. You can sign up for these notifications on their website.


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