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Rolling stops

March 13, 2011 @ 21:56 By: gordon Category: Out and about

stop_signWhen did stop signs become suggestions instead of a requirement?

I was waiting outside my friend’s house on the way to the climbing gym this afternoon and over the course of five to ten minutes none of the cars that went through a three-way stop down the road came to a complete stop. Many of them, in particular those that were turning right, barely touched their brakes before going through the intersection. Of those that did touch their brakes, they did what can only generously be described as rolling stops.

On more than one occasion at four-way intersections within a block of where I live I’ve pulled up to the stop sign and come to a full stop only to watch people from the cross street roll through the intersection as though their stop sign didn’t exist. Fortunately, I was paying attention so I didn’t get hit, but less attentive drivers could find themselves in an accident.

This problem has gotten worse over the last couple of years. A little more enforcement of one of the basic rules of the road is probably in order.

6 Responses to “Rolling stops”

  1. David says:

    I totally agree. I have been honked at, by the car behind me, for coming to a complete stop at a four-way in my neighbourhood.

  2. Pete Brown says:

    While in traffic court last week(I lost), rolling stops and suspended drivers topped the list

    • gordon says:

      So, what were the verdicts in those cases? Did any of them manage to wriggle their way off the hook?

      (And curious minds want to know what *you* did… 😉 )

      • Pete Brown says:

        Guilty, Guilty and Guilty!

        What did I do? Improper means of attachment(110$ + towing). Nish, Nish…

        • gordon says:

          It’s pretty hard to convince the judge that you shouldn’t be found guilty of a traffic offense, eh?

          “Were you driving with a suspended license?”
          “Uh, well, yeah, but…”
          “Guilty. Pay the fine and don’t waste the court’s time like this again.”

          tsk tsk tsk on the towing infraction. 😉

          • Pete Brown says:

            It’s a Justice of the Peace, JP, Or your Worship(Instead of your Honor)

            He’s down with the gig, so is the DA, and the cop’s been around the block, so to speak…You’re nothing but minced meat in there!

            Criminal Court is another matter; not one to mess with alone…

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