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A few photos from Day 1 of Les Grands Feux 2014

August 05, 2014 @ 22:06 By: gordon Category: Fireworks, Photography

Now with a YouTube video at the bottom.

This past Saturday was the first evening of the 2014 edition of Les Grands Feux du Casino Lac-Leamy and the team from Glorious Entertainment Production Limited represented Hong Kong. They put together a great show with some impressive shells that were coordinated with a fun selection of music from various Broadway shows. The festival is at a new site this year on the Ottawa River at the Museum of History.

The new location offers them an impressive backdrop consisting of Parliament Hill and the Ottawa Locks on the Rideau Canal. Though they aren’t using it this year, if they can secure permission to place fireworks on the Alexandra Bridge, we could see fireworks displays in the national capital region moving to the next level.

I took a lot of photos of the show, which you can see below. The biggest challenge in terms of shooting them was the smoke. It hung around rather than blowing away, which meant that some of the shells were buried in the smoke. Still, it was a good show! đŸ™‚

GPD_20140802_4943 GPD_20140802_4953 GPD_20140802_4959 GPD_20140802_4960 GPD_20140802_4964 GPD_20140802_4970 GPD_20140802_4972 GPD_20140802_4993 GPD_20140802_4999 GPD_20140802_5002 GPD_20140802_5004 GPD_20140802_5005 GPD_20140802_5008 GPD_20140802_5009 GPD_20140802_5024 GPD_20140802_5035 GPD_20140802_5036 GPD_20140802_5044 GPD_20140802_5089 GPD_20140802_5136 GPD_20140802_5149 GPD_20140802_5151 GPD_20140802_5161 GPD_20140802_5172 GPD_20140802_5192 GPD_20140802_5213


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