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1 pound of CO2

May 17, 2008 @ 15:20 By: gordon Category: Environment, Meta

I see by the Green Website widget that there have been enough visits to my blog since I installed the widget a few months ago to offset 1 pound of carbon dioxide incurred by the operation of my blog.  Cool!

2 Responses to “1 pound of CO2”

  1. I wasn’t clear when I read the Green Website thing… how exactly does visiting a web site offset carbon?

  2. gordon says:

    As I understand it, they look at the location of both the server and the visitor and assign a carbon footprint for that visit (see http://www.co2stats.com/faq.php). Periodically, they purchase renewable energy certificates at the end of the month based on the total of all the carbon footprints they registered in the previous month. They have a premium service which offers detailed information on the various fuel sources involved for about $10/month. Carbon offset credits are usually sold by the ton and the cost per ton is not terribly excessive. I can’t imagine their monthly carbon costs exceed their income from the premium subscribers so the free users, like me, get to feel a little greener and they get a little free advertising in return.

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