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(Almost) live from Gate 177 at YYZ

May 18, 2008 @ 16:30 By: gordon Category: Greece 2008, Travelling

IMG_0036_thumb3The first of four fights today on the way to Athens, Greece, went off in the best way possible: uneventful.  We left on-time and landed at Toronto where it was raining on-schedule.  Most of the flight was above the clouds, so there wasn’t a lot to see.  I did take some pictures of some military aircraft at the apron at the Esso Avitat in Ottawa, which I’ll post then I have a better Internet connection.  (I’m using a public terminal near the gate with a horrible albeit functional keyboard.)

IMG_0038_thumb3Our next flight is to Frankfurt on a Boeing 777W, one of the new aircraft in Air Canada’s fleet that has pods up in business/first class.  Sadly, I’m not travelling in podclass, though a friend who went to the Middle East in one says it’s the way to travel.  From Frankfurt we catch a flight to Athens after a couple of hours in the airport.  There’s a virtual geocache called RWY 42 (GCA33A), which I’m hoping to do.  Basically, you have to have your picture taken with the sign for gate A42, which is at the end of the wing that I think we’re going to be in.

I’ll try to post some pictures from Frankfurt if I can find a decent wifi connection.

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