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Geocaching in 2011: Perception vs. Reality

December 05, 2011 @ 12:38 By: gordon Category: Geocaching, Statistics

Though I’ve been geocaching for a long time, my number of finds is quite a bit less than some geocachers I know who haven’t been caching nearly as long as I have, but who have several thousand finds. But, for me, it’s not about the numbers.

I was thinking about how much caching I’d done this year compared to last year and that I hadn’t done that much caching this year. But, when I looked at the stats, I found a completely different story.

First, the graph (red line=caches found in the year; blue line=cumulative caches found):

As you can see from the graph, I’ve found almost twice as many caches so far in 2011 as I did in all of 2010.

The numbers speak for themselves.

2010 2011
Total finds 86 158
Days caching 29 28
Average finds per caching day 3.0 5.6
Overall finds per day 0.2 0.5
Average finds per week 1.6 3.3
Average finds per month 7.2 14.2

Though I did get out one more time in 2010 than I have so far in 2011, my overall finds per day of caching are significantly higher. And I’m probably going to go caching at least once or twice more before the end of December so the number of days caching will go up. My average finds/day of caching may drop a bit because at least one of the days I’m planning on going out is for an event cache (CCCCC – 2011 [GC38M5Q]) so I probably won’t log more than one cache that day, but it’s still going to be higher than last year.

Still, it’s interesting how one’s perception of something can vary significantly from reality. Not only have I done more caching this year than last year, I’ve done more caching this year than any year since I started caching.


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