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Comic books update

December 08, 2011 @ 15:48 By: gordon Category: Comic books

It’s been a few weeks since being lured into the world of comic books by Joseph Mallozzi in late October, so I thought I’d let you know how the new addiction hobby is going. I’ve been following a number of series in the DC New 52 family that have caught my interest. Most of them I’ve decided are worth following for the long run, while one or two are still on probation.

Green Arrow

Oliver Queen is the millionaire CEO of Queen Industries, a tech company that has developed products like the Q-Phone and Q-Pad. He spends much of his time in the Q-Core division of Queen Industries, which he uses to develop much of the Green Arrow technology. He has a very small team that supports him when he’s doing the Green Arrow thing.

I’m really enjoying Green Arrow. It’s very well-written and well-drawn and it’s one of the few I’m reading where the main character hasn’t been endowed with a power ring, or super powers brought on by some sort of genetic mutation, or come from another planet.

Green Lantern

The first of three Green Lantern series I’m following, this Green Lantern is looking at Green Lantern Sinestro who also founded the Sinestro Corps of ring-wielding superheros. The Green Lanterns wield power rings that harness the green light of Will. If a Green Lantern can visualize something in his mind, they can create a solid construct out of green light. Their mission is basically to defend the universe on behalf of the Guardians.

This is another keeper as far as I’m concerned.

Green Lantern Corps

The second of the three Green Lanterns that I’m following, the Green Lanterns find themselves at war against an enemy who knows how to overcome a green ring’s power.  Guy Gardner and John Stewart’s elite team of Green Lanterns are taking on this enemy and in the last issue I read (#3) we’ve learned that the enemy has a personal grudge when it comes to Green Lanterns.

I’m enjoying learning a bit more about the other Green Lanterns besides those that come from Earth.

Another keeper.

Green Lantern: New Guardians

Hey, did you know that there are other power rings besides green? I didn’t until I picked up a copy of Green Lantern: New Guardians. In addition to green rings that harness the power of will, there are red rings (rage), orange rings (avarice), yellow (fear), blue (hope), indigo (compassion), violet (love) and black (death). There’s also a white ring that not much is known about. Kyle Rayner, one of the Green Lanterns from Earth, has put together a team representing most of the coloured rings (i.e. not black or white). Of course, someone or something has killed the others and their rings have all selected Rayner, which is unprecedented and almost certainly not a Good Thing. In Guardians #3 we learn who the enemy is.

I’m enjoying this one for the moment, but time will tell whether it’s a long-term keeper. A couple more issues should do the trick.

That’s enough for the moment. Next time I’ll talk about some of the others I’ve been looking at such as the Flash, Iron Man, Red Lanterns and Doctor Who, and I’ll tell you about a couple others that I’m waiting to be released.

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  1. Paul says:

    Damn Comic Book apps. I’ve been poking around with the Marvel app where I’ve downloaded the new Thor series, The Illuminati series (.99$ per), Schism series about the X-Men and the Regenesis line with the Cyclops line and Wolverine line.

    I’ve been trying to avoid picking up any others after realizing I just spent 80$ on comics.

    • gordon says:

      Yeah, I have a couple of the comic book apps on my iPad (DC’s and Dark Horse’s), but I’ve only used them for the freebies and previews. I still prefer the paper version because they’re tangible.


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