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A few photos from Day 2 of Les Grands Feux 2014

August 09, 2014 @ 14:53 By: gordon Category: Fireworks, Photography

I wrote about the trials and tribulations (and an unexpected surprise) of photographing the fireworks this past Wednesday at Day 2 of Les Grands Feux du Casino Lac-Leamy in last previous entry, so I’m going to simply post some photos after the break.

This show was put on by the team from Garden City Display Fireworks in Beamsville, who were representing Canada.

GPD_20140806_5646 GPD_20140806_5650 Spark Dancers GPD_20140806_5651 GPD_20140806_5656 GPD_20140806_5659 GPD_20140806_5667 GPD_20140806_5674 GPD_20140806_5697 GPD_20140806_5699 GPD_20140806_5710 GPD_20140806_5711 GPD_20140806_5714 GPD_20140806_5716 GPD_20140806_5722 GPD_20140806_5724 GPD_20140806_5726 GPD_20140806_5740 GPD_20140806_5741 GPD_20140806_5748 GPD_20140806_5772 GPD_20140806_5773 GPD_20140806_5776 GPD_20140806_5777 GPD_20140806_5779 GPD_20140806_5783 GPD_20140806_5784 GPD_20140806_5785 GPD_20140806_5788 GPD_20140806_5794 GPD_20140806_5795 GPD_20140806_5802 GPD_20140806_5803 GPD_20140806_5813 GPD_20140806_5814 GPD_20140806_5815 GPD_20140806_5817 GPD_20140806_5826 GPD_20140806_5828 GPD_20140806_5829 GPD_20140806_5833 GPD_20140806_5837 GPD_20140806_5839 GPD_20140806_5845 GPD_20140806_5858 GPD_20140806_5863 GPD_20140806_5865 GPD_20140806_5866 GPD_20140806_5867 GPD_20140806_5868 GPD_20140806_5872 GPD_20140806_5890 GPD_20140806_5894 GPD_20140806_5908 GPD_20140806_5909 GPD_20140806_5910 GPD_20140806_5911 GPD_20140806_5912 GPD_20140806_5913 GPD_20140806_5921 GPD_20140806_5923 GPD_20140806_5924 GPD_20140806_5926 GPD_20140806_5941

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