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A few photos from Day 3 of Les Grands Feux 2014

August 11, 2014 @ 08:30 By: gordon Category: Fireworks, Photography

The team from Grupo Luso Pirotecnia were on stage representing Portugal at Les Grands Feux du Casino Lac-Leamy Saturday evening. From a photography point of view, things went much better: it wasn’t raining, the correct lens was on my camera, and the remote shutter release didn’t jam. The theme was songs from the eighties with a sound track that appealed to a lot of people in the crowd, judging by what I could hear.

Because it wasn’t raining and the smoke wasn’t hanging around, I ended up with a number of photos that you can see after the break. 🙂

GPD_20140809_6328 GPD_20140809_6330 GPD_20140809_6335 GPD_20140809_6340 GPD_20140809_6386 GPD_20140809_6387 GPD_20140809_6393 GPD_20140809_6396 GPD_20140809_6400 GPD_20140809_6401 GPD_20140809_6402 GPD_20140809_6406 GPD_20140809_6411 GPD_20140809_6429 GPD_20140809_6437 GPD_20140809_6446 GPD_20140809_6447 GPD_20140809_6448 GPD_20140809_6480 GPD_20140809_6481 GPD_20140809_6497 GPD_20140809_6500 GPD_20140809_6502 GPD_20140809_6505 GPD_20140809_6506 GPD_20140809_6508 GPD_20140809_6516 GPD_20140809_6518 GPD_20140809_6519 GPD_20140809_6534 GPD_20140809_6535 GPD_20140809_6538 GPD_20140809_6539 GPD_20140809_6540 GPD_20140809_6541 GPD_20140809_6542 GPD_20140809_6547 GPD_20140809_6548 GPD_20140809_6550 GPD_20140809_6554 GPD_20140809_6556 GPD_20140809_6559 GPD_20140809_6560 GPD_20140809_6561 GPD_20140809_6581 GPD_20140809_6582 GPD_20140809_6587 GPD_20140809_6294 GPD_20140809_6299 GPD_20140809_6300 GPD_20140809_6301 GPD_20140809_6323 GPD_20140809_6324 GPD_20140809_6325 GPD_20140809_6326 GPD_20140809_6327

2 Responses to “A few photos from Day 3 of Les Grands Feux 2014”

  1. Bo Skowronnek says:

    Hi Gordon

    nice work
    Lost my video from the swiss show but got some pic from it before it got lost
    Maybe we can get together some time

    • gordon says:

      Thanks, Bo! I’m sorry hear that you lost your video. It’s very frustrating when something like that happens.

      I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s show. If I have time before the fireworks portion of the show, I’ll pass by where you were the other night.


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