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A few photos from Day 4 of Les Grands Feux 2014

August 16, 2014 @ 01:04 By: gordon Category: Fireworks, Photography

A quick post with some pictures because I have to be up at the crack of dawn to steer dragonboats tomorrow morning.

Day 4 of Les Grands Feux du Casino Lac-Leamy saw the team from Sugyp SA representing Switzerland. The weather wasn’t the nicest, but people still came out and the rain held off until after things wrapped up. I enjoyed the show and it’s thrown some uncertainty in my mind as to who will be awarded the Zeus Trophy Saturday evening. (I have my prediction, but I’m going to refrain from saying anything here since I am one of the volunteer photographers at the festival.) 😉

Pictures after the break. GPD_20140813_6873 GPD_20140813_6874 GPD_20140813_6880 GPD_20140813_6889 GPD_20140813_6890 GPD_20140813_6891 GPD_20140813_6894 GPD_20140813_6896 GPD_20140813_6910 GPD_20140813_6917 GPD_20140813_6918 GPD_20140813_6926 GPD_20140813_6929 GPD_20140813_6934 GPD_20140813_6937 GPD_20140813_6943 GPD_20140813_6949 GPD_20140813_6956 GPD_20140813_6964 GPD_20140813_6966 GPD_20140813_6967 GPD_20140813_6972 GPD_20140813_6977 GPD_20140813_6980 GPD_20140813_6981 GPD_20140813_6982 GPD_20140813_6987 GPD_20140813_6989 GPD_20140813_6993 GPD_20140813_7004 GPD_20140813_7005 GPD_20140813_7010 GPD_20140813_7011 GPD_20140813_7013 GPD_20140813_7019 GPD_20140813_7022 GPD_20140813_7023 GPD_20140813_7026 GPD_20140813_7036 GPD_20140813_7039 GPD_20140813_7061 GPD_20140813_7090 GPD_20140813_7098 GPD_20140813_7110 GPD_20140813_7117 GPD_20140813_7119 GPD_20140813_7124 GPD_20140813_7125 GPD_20140813_7129 GPD_20140813_7130 GPD_20140813_7134 GPD_20140813_7136 GPD_20140813_7137 GPD_20140813_7138 GPD_20140813_7156 GPD_20140813_7170 GPD_20140813_7173 GPD_20140813_7178

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