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First mobile DX QSO

August 26, 2006 @ 17:02 By: gordon Category: Amateur radio

While driving home from some errands this afternoon, I was able to work LZ1900K on 20m. This is a little milestone of sorts because it is the first mobile HF DX QSO that I’ve had (the other QSOs have been when I was parked somewhere). And, it seems that LZ1900K is a special event station commemorating the 1900th anniversary (!) of the proclamation of the ancient city of Pautalia (modern Kyustendil) by Roman imperor Mark Ulpiy Trayan for municipia (province center), including right of the city to issue coins, which makes it even more special. He reported that I was a “59” (no noise on my signal and very strong), while I reported him as being a “56” (no noise, not as strong as an S9). Very cool!

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